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SLS 3D Printer

SLS Printing uses selective CO₂ laser sintering technology which sinters plastic powders(ceramic or metal powders with binding agent) into solid cross-sections layer by layer until a three-dimensional part is built. Before making the parts, need to fill the build chamber with nitrogen and rise the chamber temperature. When the temperature is ready, a computer controlled CO₂ laser selectively fuses powdered materials by tracing cross-sections of the part on the surface of a powder bed and then a new coat of materiel is applied for the new layer. The working platform of the powder bed will go one layer down and then the roller will pave a new layer of the powder and the laser will selectively sinter the cross-sections of the parts. Repeat the process until the parts completed

ZRapid Tech using fast, efficient and agile selective laser sintering technology. Challenged the manufacturing of complex geometric shape of light plastic parts successfully. This technology suits for durable parts or complex functional parts. It's an optimal solution for high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance mold.

  • CO₂ Laser
  • Fast galvanometer
  • iSLS Control System
Materials: Nylon( ZRPA12 )

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High speed · High precision · High quality

ZRapid SLS 3D Printers
  • Parts have fine details and smooth surface
  • Easy preparation, no need support for the parts during the process
  • Part with high temperature and corrosion resistance property
  • Parts can be printed within minutes to hours according to the size and complexity
  • Directly produce functional complex geometric assembly parts
  • Widely chosen materials meets your requirements for color, tensile or high temperature resistance

Product Specifications

  • iSLS300 Specifications


    TypeCO₂ Laser


    Min Power60W


    Typebi-directional roller paving

    Normal Build0.1mm

    Quick Build0.1~0.2mm

    Precision Build0.05~0.1mm


    Beam (diameter@1/e2)0.45~0.6mm

    Scanning GalvanometerHigh Speed Scanning Galvanometer

    Parts Scanning Speed2.0~7.0m/s (recommended)

    Blank Jumping Speed10.0m/s (recommended)

    Reference Building Speed80~130cm³/h


    Typefar-infrared heating

    DetectionReal time control and compensation

    Controlintelligent control




    Size 300mm(X) × 300mm(Y) × 300mm(Z)

    Max Weight20kg


    NetworkEthernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802.3

    Control SoftwareiSLS(Miracle SLS)

    Date Preparation Software3dLayer

    Data InterfaceCLI file, SLC file, STL file


    Power380V(±10%) AC 50/60Hz, triple-phase, 10KW(MAX)

    Ambient Temperature20-26ºC

    Relative HumidityLess than 40%, non-condensing

    Size2.25m(W)×1.20m(D)×2.00m(H)(Operating computer is not included)

    WeightApprox. 1800kg


    Laser5000 hours or 12 months (whichever comes first)

    Main Machine12 months from installation date

    ※ The latest data shall be subject to the contract