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SLM 3D Printer

SLM printing uses selective laser melting technology which melts metal powders and solidifies layer by layer until a three-dimensional part is built. During the process, the ruler in the build chamber will pave one layer of the metal powder, a high powered laser selectively fuses the powder by tracing cross-section of the part on the surface of a powder bed and then a new coat of material is applied for the next layer. The whole process is in a high vacuum chamber or full of protective gas chamber to avoid the metal powder reacts with oxygen at high temperature.

ZRapid is using a high energy and fine spot laser, The equipment can complete complex parts in a very short period time while using conventional methods that will take several weeks or even months to complete in comparison. Parts not only have precise dimension, high tensile and high density, but also excellent in mechanical properties. Mainly used for rapid production of high-precision, high quality metal parts.

  • Fiber laser
  • Fast galvanometer
  • iSLM Control System
Materials: Stainless Steel( 316L ) Aluminium Alloy( AlSi₁₀Mg ) Titanium Alloy( TC4 ) Co-Cr Alloy( MP1 ) Die Steel( MS1 ) Cuprum( Cu )

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High speed · High precision · High quality

ZRapid SLM 3D Printers
  • Parts with high quality surface before polishing
  • Parts in high accuracy, for precision samples
  • Directly produce functional metal parts, simplify the manufacture process
  • Parts have metallurgy and mechanical properties, relative density higher than 99%. Post process is unnecessary
  • Parts can be printed within minutes to hours according to the size and complexity
  • Parts can be finished in minutes or hours based on the complexity
  • Directly produce functional complex geometric parts like snap-fit or loose joint hinge
  • Widely chosen materials, the metal powder could be single metal or alloy
  • Especially for single part or small amount of functional parts

Product Specifications

  • iDEN160 Specifications


    TypeFiber laser




    Processscraper paving

    Normal Build0.03mm

    Quick Build0.03~0.10mm

    Precision Build0.02~0.03mm


    Beam (diameter@1/e2)0.05~0.15mm

    Scanning GalvanometerSCANLAB

    Parts Scanning Speed2.0m/s (recommended)

    Blank Jumping Speed10.0m/s (recommended)

    Reference Building Speed1200 crowns / 24h, 75 oral stents / 24h


    Protective gasN2 / Ar(active metal materials must be protected by Ar)

    Flow Control0~3 L/min intellient adjustment

    dust extraction controlHigh efficiency Protection recycling system

    dust extraction level4 levels of dust removal and purification


    VolumeApprox. 5L

    XY Platform160mm(X) × 160mm(Y)

    Z Axis130mm (Including substrate thickness)

    Max Weight10kg

    Printing BoardFast replaceable board & effcient transition tank

    Drive modeServo motor precision redution drive

    TypePrecision resistor heater

    MaterialsPure Titanium / Titanium Alloy / Co-Cr Alloy etc.


    NetworkEthernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802.3

    Control SoftwareiSLM(Presto SLM)

    Date Preparation Software3dLayer

    Data InterfaceCLI file, SLC file, STL file


    Power220V(±10%) AC 50/60Hz, single-phase, 5/20A

    Ambient Temperature20-26ºC

    Relative HumidityLess than 40%, non-condensing


    WeightApprox. 850kg


    Laser5000 hours or 12 months (whichever comes first)

    Main Machine12 months from installation date

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