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iSLA(ZERO)SLA Control System

Ultra fast precise building, dynamic focusing technology

  • High-speed large spot, fine small spot, meeting both the dimensional accuracy and molding speed.
  • A new generation of ZRapid Super dynamic focus technology, the manufacturing time is shortened 72%↑ of the standard one.
  • Using Mutilol technology developed by ZRapid, blur the "ladder effect" to make part surface more smooth.
  • Independent research and development of AnyDirect technology, balanced material stress and contraction, to further enhance the mechanical properties of forming parts.

Ultra-fast printing speed, the ultimate dimensional accuracy, excellent surface quality. ZRapid SLA 3D printer series will be your most sensible choice.

Equipped with: iSLA1100 iSLA800 iSLA660 iSLA500 iSLA450 iSLA300 iSLA200
Materials: ZR680( Accurate & White ) ZR710( Tough & White ) ZR820( High Transparency ) Real ABS( ABS Like ) Red Wood( Tooling Board Like )

iSLS(Miracle SLS)SLS / FMS Control System

Equipped with: iSLS300 iFMS400
Materials: Nylon( ZRPA12 ) FMS